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Q.What are the services that Med365 provides in healthcare?

Ans. We provide the best technology driven diagnostic services which includes pathology and radiology.

Q. Where is the office situated?

Ans.Our Head office is situated at 6th Floor, Bridge Anukampa tower, Ashok Marg, C- Scheme, Jaipur.
We have our patient care center at LG – 04 Unique Shardool, Chetak Marg, Near J.K. Lon Hospital Jaipur.

Q .What are the charges for getting the sample collection done from home?

Ans.There are no such charges, we do it complimentary.

Q .What are the payment options?

Ans. You can make an online payment while booking the order through app and you can pay at the time of sample collection as well.

Q .Can I get the reports at home?

Ans.Yes you can coordinate with the sample collection team.

Q .Should I remain empty stomach before giving samples?

This is not required for every test, it can be confirmed/asked by calling at 9119 365 365.

Q .Can I get my current investigation reports in future if I require the same?

you can revisit your old investigation reports through your login ID/App.
“Your health portfolio is safe with us, access it anytime”

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