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Physical, Mental & Social well-being

Mede AI, is AI-powered healthcare bot with our propitiatory algorithms, to screen adolescent & adults for disorders. Explore the paradigm of mental health awareness.


More informed decision at the point of care

Connecting more than ~14000 pathology, Topic-mapping, Accurate Draw approach, helps achieve great operational accuracy , minimize pre-analytical errors.

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More than 14000 advance test

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Med365 – A Technology driven Product

We use our propitiatory algorithms and intelligent ML tool which assess more than 117 parameters including 37 blood vitals, 9 proven scientific scales and within the WHO guidelines, to screen adolescent & adults for disorders caused by Depression, Anxiety and Stress level among English/Hindi speaking population.

Quality Control

Because quality is the most important aspect for us.
All test performed under Med365 follows international standard and accreditations.


It matters


Your Health

Every test at Med365 is done at certified laboratory by experience and qualified fleet of Doctors and technicians. Because your health is the most important thing for us!


Your Convenience

With Med365 you don't have to go anywhere, We will come to you and will send your report directly to your doctor.


Your Savings

With Med365 our customer saves at every step, ~ 25% on his bill with more than 4000 test in offering including complex process like CT-Scan, MRI, Sonography and other radiology procedures.

HealthGuide - Customized, Comprehensive Reporting around Body Wellness Parameters

  • Med365 HealthGuide is best wellness report of healthcare industry.
  • Our Proprietary program which generate, email & print it within 2 mins. Algorithm calculating risk factor for each organ, counseling available by our doctors.
  • Customized Diet & Exercise Chart is provided to everyone.
  • HealthGuide educates patients about their condition, line of treatment & impact of lifestyle.

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